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February 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania man pleads guilty in fatal car accident

Hit-and-run car accidents can often affect surviving family members particularly harshly due to the apparent callousness of a person choosing to flee the scene without securing help for their loved one. The repercussions for leaving a fatal car accident without speaking to authorities are far harsher than they would be if the allegedly responsible driver stayed at the scene. This appears to be the case for one such recent Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident that involved a confessed hit-and-run driver.

Defective herbicide kills unintended plant life

Property owners across the country are feeling some relief after a court settlement that will compensate them for damage to their properties: namely their trees. A DuPont herbicide has been accused of being a defective product, accidentally killing trees and other plant life in addition to the intended weed eradication. Use of the herbicide reportedly killed tens of thousands of trees all over the country.

Pennsylvania is a hotbed for wrong-way, DUI accident deaths

Wrong-way car accidents are proving to be especially dangerous for Pennsylvania residents. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that Pennsylvania has the highest rate of wrong-way traffic deaths in the entire nation. In fact, 1,302 people lost their lives in Pennsylvania wrong-way crashes between the years 2007 and 2011. Statistics also show that wrong-way collisions often turn out to be a drunk driving accident as well.

Car versus tractor trailer; one woman dies near Pittsburgh

Accidents on the interstate are frequently devastating because of the high speeds permitted, and adding tractor trailers to the mix amplifies the danger. The weight and sheer size of a semi truck increase the possibility that someone will be injured. In a recent truck accident, that someone was a 21-year-old passenger who lost her life.

Pennsylvania truck accident leads to reckless driving citation

Operators of tractor-trailers who take to Pennsylvania roadways owe a duty of reasonable care to other motorists sharing the streets with them. Commercial truck drivers are responsible for operating vehicles that are larger than most others on the street. Due to the extreme size of tractor-trailers, a truck accident can be even more dangerous than collisions involving only smaller motor vehicles.

Wrongful death suit filed after Pittsburgh flood

Natural disasters are an unpredictable part of life, and everyone caught up in such an event may be subject to serious danger. But sometimes the damage that a storm can do is predicted, but no steps are taken to mitigate the danger. In 2011, numerous warnings by citizens and government agencies that a low-lying area of Pittsburgh had dangerous flooding potential did not end up saving the lives of a grandmother, her daughter and her two granddaughters.

Pennsylvania 5-vehicle car accident sends 8 to area hospitals

Multi-vehicle car accidents often lead to an increased number of injuries simply because more vehicles and occupants are typically involved. One recent Pennsylvania car accidentinjured a total of eight people. The crash involved five vehicles and occurred along I-76 in two of the westbound lanes. It had traffic in those westbound lanes blocked for nearly an hour.

Tylenol lawsuit alleges the drug is a defective product

Pennsylvania-made Tylenol is facing a slew of lawsuits in which plaintiffs seek damages for liver damage caused by the over-the-counter acetaminophen drug. The plaintiffs are arguing that Tylenol is a defective product and that the company has failed to properly warn consumers about the risks that using acetaminophen can carry.

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